Building More Effective Individuals & Teams within a Workplace Context ...  by 43%

The Workplace Issue is...

  • Due to the inability to measure “effectively” both parties, within the context of the workplace issues and situation, the Matrix highlights, that current, state-of-the-art leadership, relationship development, skills and capability programs have unwittingly encouraged participants to over compensate and underperform. (Refer Why 'Others' Fall Short)
  • That is, while these “other” programs create an awareness of the need to adjust and adapt to others, the Matrix demonstrates, 77% of all these key workplace individuals and teams play-safe, keep the peace, make passive commitments with political game playing, rife!

The Solution...

  • The Matrix measures in more meaningful and practical ways, enabling the change of attitude, behaviour and communication of both parties, one step-at-a-time, with three practical and specific coaching sessions, for a performance improvement on average of... 43%

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