About Matrix Impact

The Company:

  • Matrix Impact is a Management Communications company, specialising in building more productive workplace performance of individuals and teams, in a measurable way.
  • We utilise a unique user-friendly diagnostic Matrix Tool which transcends relationship development and personality, skills and capability type programs. Significant improvements to working relationships and business outcomes are able to be achieved through changing behaviour. Importantly, the results for participants are more meaningful and measurable workplace change.


  • To build more open, transparent, constructive and measurably effective individuals and teams.
  • To build more productive relationships, through the use of effective communication tools, particularly effective questioning techniques and apply them in the workplace to greater effect.
  • To better align individual and team objectives by building greater trust and confidence in the workplace.

The measurability breakthrough of the Matrix has created an awareness and new paradigm...
the shortcomings of relationship development in lieu of specific workplace conversations.

Matrix Architect:

  • The inspiration of the Matrix Impact programme has been driven by Neale Percy, through many years of pragmatic development. He recognised that win/lose relationships were not productive and a more collaborative engagement between management, the workforce and the customer was required.


  • Neale’s foresight and the brilliance of the Matrix Programme is creating a massive awakening for executives seeking meaningful and effective workplace change, from large corporations to SME’s.
  • The Matrix, measurably challenges the status-quo of traditional training, that in many cases has grown complacent. Why? Because while many “talk” about change, a more constructive and effective workplace, and tapping in to their full potential … in reality, few if any can effectively measure individuals, given the workplace issues and situation.
  • Today, we have a growing number of highly professional and fully accredited License Partners Australia-wide with an on-line application carrying the Matrix into international markets.