Customer Testimonials

Isuzu Australia - (working with Isuzu, 18 months later)

"The senior management team were sceptical at the outset, however we gained a better understanding of our peers, with a particular focus on the impact ever-changing workplace issues and pressures have on overall corporate efficiency levels. And while other training courses have provided some good learning outcomes, we’ve never had the ability to accurately measure the progress of the outcomes on a long term basis."

Bridgestone Australia - (reference 3 years on)

"I was bemused now three years on how generic many of these others programs are compared to yours. Your program still underpins my management, leadership and team decision-making. I have seen a marked change in our team and my sales team is a more effective and constructive group as a result."

Mirvac - (reference after 3 months)

"Neale has taken our fifteen senior managers and CEO on a journey, tailoring the one-on-one coaching to individual’s specific needs that reflected their workplace issues and pressures. The feedback from the team has been very positive with many ideas and tips taken on board and embedded as normal day-to-day thought processes. It’s practical and easy to apply in the workplace, allowing individuals to measure the ways to improve the effectiveness of their workplace communication."

Enzyme Solutions - (reference after 3 months)

"The concepts and sales framework Neale provided has a more structured and measurable way to work on improving the quality and constructive nature of the communication. I am better positioned with useful questioning techniques to draw clients needs and issues more readily. The program has given me increased confidence in dealing with some of the thornier business relationships."