OPTION ONE: Free Matrix insight and review of a specific relationship. E-mail us now

  • First, a personality profile
  • Define how you change, how effective you are with a specific person in the context of the issues and situation you contend.
  • Determine how effective this “other” person is with you and measure the impact and performance of both parties simultaneously, relative to the “Ultimate Performance Zone”.
  • The Matrix will define in specific and practical ways how to tap in to the full potential of both, what you need to change or do differently and how to influence the other party.

OPTION TWO: Free three hour workshop - e-mail us now to register and secure your place to witness the Matrix in action.


  • Bayview on Eden Hotel Complex, Queens Rd. Melbourne


  • 9.00am to 12.00pm, Monday’s every six weeks, we will provide the next date.


  • You will undertake a Matrix “real-life example” of how you change your natural style, in the day-to-day operation of the business with one of your associates.
  • We then define and measure in practical ways the effectiveness of both parties simultaneously in the workplace, relative to the “ultimate performance zone”.
  • The breakthrough is revealed as our unique Matrix process provides a pathway to improve the outcomes and performance for both, by an average of 43%
  • You will be exhilarated at how informative and accurate the Matrix is.